Tom 365 – July 23, 2014


A great day for afternoon baseball.

Only wish the out come had been better.

Tom 365 – July 22, 2014


More Sunflowers!

We planted a wide variety, and they are doing well.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers

For this week’s challenge, I have decided to recycle my containers.


Originally presented as part of Tom 365 on January 10th, these are some of my favorite containers.




For more examples of Containers, please visit:

The Daily Post: WPC – Containers


Tom 365 – July 21, 2014


I am the Ice Cream Whisperer.

I swear. It was calling to me.

Tom 365 – July 20, 2014


I have been so busy, I didn’t even notice. The first of our sunflowers bloomed.

Tom 365 – July 19, 2014


Sometimes, the best bar is the one that is a little hard to find.

Tom 365 – July 18, 2014


All Star Break is over. Baseball returns to the South Side.

The North Side has some New York guy singing tonight.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic

The term relic brought to mind numerous options.  Buildings, belongings, religious icons.  But I decided to settle on not just an item, but an image of a lost time.

The Relic

I know very little about antique cars, but I found this old International Harvester pick-up parked in a field just outside of Oxford, Wisconsin.  It is indeed a relic, but I also thought the image portrayed a time that is also a relic to the modern, high-tech world we now live in.

Can time itself be a relic?




For more images of Relic, please visit:


Tom 365 – July 17, 2014


Nothing but blue sky.

Fun and sun at the back of the lake. Too bad we have to go home today.

A Slice of Heaven


End of the day, sitting at the fire by the lake. Sometimes it can’t get any better.