Monthly Archives: August 2014

Tom 365 – August 31, 2014


They grow up fast.

My youngest daughter does not want or need my help. She is making this batch of cup cakes by herself.

Tom 365 – August 30, 2014


Somehow, I have found myself at the One Direction parent pick-up zone along with a couple hundred other people with screaming young teenaged girls inside the stadium.

I better get big time dad brownie points for this one. I would even settle for some actual brownies.

Tom 365 – August 29, 2014


Friday Night Lights. High School football in America.


But we are with the band.

Tom 365 – August 28, 2014


My oldest daughter stopped by tonight.

She is The Girl with the Cheese Tattoo.

Tom 365 – August 27, 2014


Parade Day for the Jackie Robinson West Little League All-Stars.


The parade included a stop at U.S. Cellular Field where the kids got a chance to hoist a real World Series Trophy.

Tom 365 – August 26, 2014


This one is for my mother-in-law. I have heard he was you favorite.

Your daughter is one of his favorites.

Tom 365 – August 25, 2014


Red sky at night?

Only I’m nowhere near a body of water, and I don’t sail.

Tom 365 – August 24, 2014


Spotted this at the end of the Worth Days Parade. The only thing missing was Jake and Elwood.

Tom 365 – August 23, 2014


Fireworks over the neighborhood tonight.


Our town is celebrating Summer’s Last Blast.

Tom 365 – August 22, 2014


Tabasco. In a tiny, tiny bottle. Just perfect for oyster happy hour.