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Tom 365 – January 2014 Gallery

It seems that January 2014 was filled with cold weather, snow, and whiskey.

Bring on February.

Tom 365 – January 31, 2014


Now that is one dedicated customer.

I hope they gave him a free cup of coffee.

Tom 365 – January 30, 2014


Almost every day, on the way home, I pass the Bridgeport Art Center, yet I have never been inside. This horse stands on the corner of 35th Street and Racine. All day, he just watches the traffic, and never complains about the cold weather.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition

He is a lonely little guy.  Sitting on the windowsill next to the scrubber and the soap, wondering where the summer has gone.

The Cactus in Winter

He has long ago needed to be moved to a bigger pot, and has survived a fall into the sink below.  Now he just stares out the window, waiting patiently for the summer to return.

A plant out of season.




For more pictures of Juxtaposition, please visit:

Tom 365 – January 29, 2014


The light at the end of the winter.

When there is still a hint of sunlight as I leave work, there is hope that the days are getting longer and the warm weather is not too far away.

Tom 365 – January 28, 2014


Only I didn’t say Fudge.

Coldest day of the year, and my son’s car gets a flat.

And that is really all I can say.

Tom 365 – January 27, 2014


And it is only going to get colder.

Tom 365 – January 26, 2014


Last day of SoxFest. Life can get back to normal tomorrow.

Opening Day is March 31st.

Tom 365 – January 25, 2014


Day two of SoxFest at the Palmer House Hilton in downtown Chicago. Game worn jerseys are being sold in the White Sox Garage Sale, benefitting Chicago White Sox Charities.

Tom 365 – January 24, 2014


The fun starts later today. SoxFest is this weekend at the Palmer House Hilton in downtown Chicago.