Monthly Archives: November 2015

Tom 365 – November 30, 2015

Our Ireland Aventure is over, but we brought home a bunch of good memories. 

And some of the stuff that helped make those memories. 

Tom 365 – November 29, 2015

And then just like that it is over. 

Heading home from our much too short stay in Dublin. 

Tom 365 – November 28, 2015

Getting the Christmas Season started with a kick at the Old Jameson Distillery in Dublin. 

Tom 365 – November 27, 2015

Yes, we saw U2 again. Only this time in Dublin. 

Better than any Black Friday Sales back home. 

Tom 365 – November 26, 2016

It is not what you drink, it is who you drink with and where you drink. 

Happy Anniversary, Babe. 

One Whole Hand. 

Tom 365 – November 25, 2015

And away we go!

Tom 365 – November 23, 2015

We made the squirrels work for their nuts today. They were covered by snow. 

Tom 365 – November 23, 2015


Three more days, and we are one whole hand.  Another adventure begins. 

Tom 365 – November 22, 2015

Our anniversary is later in the week, but why not celebrate early with some flowers. 

Happy Anniversary, Babe. 

Tom 365 – Noverber 21, 2015

First snowfall. 

And as usual I did not get all the deck furniture put away before it started.