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Tom 365 – August 14, 2016

Flying high on this beautiful Sunday morning. 

Tom 365 – June 4, 2016

A little rainy and overcast, but the Cavalcade of Planes did take place. 

Tom 365 – May 12, 2016 

As I was leaving work today, there was a giant fireball in the sky. I wonder what it was?

Weekly Photo Challenge – Weight(less)

Weightless in the Clouds

Weightless in the sky.  A few views of the clouds on our way home from Ireland.

Weightless in Black and White

Weightless on a plane




For more photos of Weight(less) please visit:



Tom 365 – September 18, 2015

Before all the rain started tonight, we actually had some sun this morning. Our neighbors roses decided to drop over the fence and say good morning. 

Tom 365 – September 4, 2014


The danger of living west of the city this time of year.

Tom 365 – August 25, 2014


Red sky at night?

Only I’m nowhere near a body of water, and I don’t sail.

Tom 365 – June 25, 2014

Playing with filters on my iPhone.

Normal –


Mono –


Instant –


Tom 365 – April 8, 2014


When I arrived home tonight, I was greeted by a rainbow at the entrance of our neighborhood. But it seems someone forgot to leave that pot of gold.