Who are the People in My Neighborhood?

This is me.  Brother Tom.  Why Brother Tom?  It is very simple really.  I have four sisters, so I am indeed a brother.  I also have a father who just happens to be named Tom too, so quite some time ago I started signing all of my e-mail correspondence with my family Brother Tom to distinguish them from Father Tom.  Although, I have never called myself Father Tom when sending things to my kids.  In that case, I am simply Dad.  I have included this picture so that everyone can see what I would look like if I was an insurance agent.  I am, in fact, not an insurance agent, so most of the time I actually look more like this.  It is not the best mug around, but it is what I see each morning when I look in the mirror, so I guess I am kind of stuck with it.  I guess it could be worse.  I could be bald like most of my male cousins.  Thank God my mom had some strong genes.

This is my better half,  Maureen.  Ain’t she a looker.  And the best part is that she is willing to put up with that guy next to her.  I have a very simple nickname for her.  I call her Babe.  Because she is one.  And for some reason she has decided to spend the rest of her life with me, even though I have been confused for her father before.  We will be married in November.  She actually said yes.  You can read all about it here.

This is Stephanie.  She is my oldest daughter.  We don’t always look this way, we had gotten caught in a rain storm while waiting in line for a roller coaster at Great America.  I love roller coasters, but my kids do not.  I do not know what I did wrong.  Stephanie just recently has started to enjoy them, and on this day we were hoping to ride Superman.  It is the one where you lie on your stomach and actually fly under the track.  It is my favorite.

This is Alex.  He doesn’t like to ride the el train, so a roller coaster is out of the question.  But he does like baseball.  As you might be able to tell, we are White Sox fans.  He is currently growing at an incredible speed, so this picture shows him about six inches shorter than he is now.  I would imagine he will be taller than me by the time he enters high school next year, but not to worry.  I still have him by a good fifty pounds.

This is my youngest daughter, Molly.  You can read all about our recent date here.  She is the smartest 10 year-old I know, and she loves to sing and dance.  She is sweet and sensitive, but also a little gassy.  She takes after her father in that respect.  She had been in the advanced program at school since the second grade, and she is very excited about moving up to the middle school next year.  She likes to pretend she is shy, but we have all figured it out.  A couple of years ago, Molly told me that she would not be a difficult teen-ager, so I had her put it down on paper.  I keep this signed contract in my underwear drawer, and I will pull it out the first time she gives me any trouble.  Of course it is signed in purple crayon, so I not too sure if it will hold up in court.

The rest of these characters are my sisters and my parents.  Yes, I was the only boy.  But I got my own room out of it.  We have been known to put the fun back into dysfunctional, but then again, we do tend to put the fun back into most functions.  You should see us at a funeral.  From the top of the stairs down they are Marney, Amy, Laura, and Carrie.  Mom and dad were too weak to climb the stairs, but I guess we should give them a break.  This picture was taken on my father’s 70th birthday.  Although there is an eleven year difference from oldest to youngest, we are a pretty close family.  I am actually the second oldest, or as Marney calls me, dirt.  That of course makes my sister Carrie, older than dirt.

4 responses to “Who are the People in My Neighborhood?

  1. We hope to put the fun back into funerals too… We’re crazy enough to do it for a close cousin who got hit on his motorbike.
    It’s the little things that help Brother Tom. Like telling it like it is!

  2. Oh please, we know who the difficult one in this duo is. You put up with me.

  3. After reading Marney’s recent blog – I think she’s feeling waaaay older than dirt!

  4. Favorite Aunt Jude

    I’m loving the Wolverine look:)

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