Monthly Archives: February 2015

Tom 365 – February 28, 2015


Ending the month on a high note.

A whiskey high note.

Tom 365 – February 27, 2015


The Bell Tower.

I have been passing this church on 37th street on my way home, and at a certain time just as the sun was setting, it created a great silhouette framed by the bare tree branches of winter. I just couldn’t get the right angle to capture the same image I was seeing. This was the closest to what I was trying to show.

Tom 365 – February 26, 2015


The Candy Man Can.

Or in this case, the candy lady. I must keep away from her desk!

Tom 365 – February 25, 2015


Late for work? Get stopped by a train.

Isn’t that the way it always works?

Tom 365 – February 24, 2015


I really have to start taking my picture earlier in the day. There is only so much crap around the house, and I am running out of options.

Tom 365 – February 23, 2015


Our new toothbrush holder.

Thanks Chicago Blackhawks!

Tom 365 – February 22, 2015


Just waiting.

The sun may be out today, but the freezing temps are a reminder that we are not quite ready for Spring.

Tom 365 – February 21, 2015


Snow pile.

Just waiting for these piles of frozen rain to melt and lead us into warmer weather.

Tom 365 – February 20, 2015


Two Children. Seven Pairs of Shoes.

All sitting at my front door.

I wonder if they would start moving them if I put them on the front porch in the cold each morning after I trip over them out the door to work.

Tom 365 – February 19, 2015


A new look.

I got this painting for my wife long before she was actually my wife. We first saw it while walking after a dinner date. It is one of the first things that was uniquely ours as a couple.

The black and white image gave me the impression that I was looking at it for the first time. A new look at an old memory.

And it made me smile.