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Tom 365 – July 28, 2015

Our Frank Thomas Garden Gnome has seen better days. 

Tom 365 – July 27, 2015

We were not quite ready to return to the real world, so a quick stop at Dusek’s for dinner and drinks made Monday a little better. 

Tom 365 – July 26, 2015

One last morning on the lake before I need to return to the real world and deal with my broken car. 

Tom 365 – July 25, 2015

Like a kid in a candy store. 

Tom 365 – July 24, 2015

Splitting rails the old fashioned way today. 

Tom 365 – July 23, 2015

I had enough excitement yesterday. Today is all about relaxing. There might be some beverages later in the day. 

Tom 365 – July 22, 2015

Not the way I wanted to finish my day. 

Tom 365 – July 21, 2015

The Cardinals are in town. 

This is not a unique thing for Chicago, but this time the visit the South Side. 

Tom 365 – July 20, 2015

The back door deck. 

The city dwellers answer to a patio. A place to sit, relax, and talk to friends and neighbors. 

Tom 365 – July 19, 2015

Today’s Adventure?

Chinatown Summer Fair. Street foods, arts, crafts, and cheap junk.