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The Pig and the Wristwatch

It was not too long ago, on this very site, that I compared my use of technology with that of giving a wristwatch to a pig.  It is a very old saying, used by old guys like me, to describe giving something to someone who has no use for it, or no idea how to use it.  Get it?  I used the expression to describe my lack of knowledge with something called an iPod.  Ok, I know, they have been around for over ten years now, but when you consider that back in 2001 I was still driving around in a black pick-up truck with a cassette tape player, the jump up to an mp3 type technology was way over my head.

It was shortly after the arrival of my new car that I made the statement.  I didn’t intend for it to be a challenge, but this cute, young librarian I know took it that way.  So on our first anniversary, on our way to dinner, she plugged this new device into the car and played me the song History in the Making.  For those of you who don’t know the story, it is the song I sang to Maureen on our wedding day, so it was a very appropriate first song for this particular pig’s wristwatch to play.  Since that day, the librarian could be seen smiling like the Cheshire Cat any time she found me listening to the device, a fairly stripped down, basic model from what I am told.  But of course, like always, she was right, and I have since learned to shop for music at the iTunes store, although I am still a little shaky at the whole copy from my old CD thing.

Never one to be happy with just one victory, Maureen then set out to tackle my next major techno obstacle.  My Crappy Old Cell Phone.

Shortly after Christmas they arrived.  Something called a Smart Phone, although once again, a somewhat basic model.  Maureen did all the work again, transferring our service to the new phones.  It was then my son who showed me how to use Blue Tooth to transfer my contacts to the new phone.  My plan was to just call everyone and hang up, then save their numbers back into my contacts.  So within a few days, I was exposed to a brave new world were information was literally instantly available at my fingertips, but to be completely honest, information and my fingertips are really not that instantly compatible.

So then, I think that brings me up to date.  Words with Friends and mobile uploads have become a part of my everyday life, although I have still not taken the ultimate step and downloaded Angry Birds.  I will be honest, they scare me a little.  So I am officially dumping that old saying, because this is one pig that has adapted well to his new wristwatch.  Take a look.

The Pig and the Wristwatch

See, I’m as happy as a pig in …………