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10 Clues That You Might Be Too Old To Trick or Treat

Based on tonight’s arrivals at the door.

Number 10:

You’re child is embarrassed every time you say “Trick or Treat”.  But at least you have a costume.

Number 9:

You can grow your own bitchin’ Village People Mustache.

Number 8:

You’re the driver.

Number 7:

Your candy bag is really just your purse, and your costume is your coat.

Number 6:

You are over six feet tall.  Do something useful and get a fake ID.  The other kids will like you much better.

Number 5:

You have to hide yourself among a pack of much younger kids, hoping to “blend” in.

Number 4:

You are a teenager and you are out by yourself going door to door collecting candy dressed as a ninja.  Eat it fast.  Someone is going to jump you soon.

Number 3:

Your costume is your actual sports uniform from the local high school.

Number 2:

You hand the man who opens the door a 12 pack of Miller Lite.  Ok, you may be too old, but you are welcome back!

Number 1:

You can not hang up the phone long enough to say “Trick or Treat”.




Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

One of my biggest regrets to this point is that I have not done a lot of traveling.  Maureen and I have been making plans to change that.  It wont be a quick plan, but it does include trips to Paris and Germany over the next few years, as well as a return trip to Ireland this December.  But foreign does not need to mean a foreign country. In a large city like Chicago, foreign can be as close as the next neighborhood over.  In my case, it is just a few blocks north of where I work.

Welcome to Chinatown.

My intention when I took my camera into Chinatown yesterday, was to do a black and white collection of the main street, but as I got to the entrance to the main street on Wentworth, the batteries in my camera died.  These are the only two shots I was able to get.

I had left my case with the extra batteries in the car, and by the time I walked back to retrieve them I decided this adventure would wait for another day. Black and White Chinatown will be coming soon.

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More Pictures from Bachelor’s Grove

As usual, I too more pictures than I could fit in one post.  Here are a few more shots from Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery.

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A Haunting at Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery

It was almost too easy.  An infamously haunted cemetery just outside of Chicago called Bachelor’s Grove should have been more difficult to locate.  It is indeed hidden down an almost unusable path, and there are no marking or signs that direct you to the abandoned sight, but with a little help from a local gentleman with a slight brogue and a smart phone, Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery was not too difficult to find.

The path that leads to Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery

The first thing someone needs to know about finding Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery is that it is not located in the Bachelor Grove Woods.  The path is located across the way from Rubio Woods, and although the cemetery and the surrounding area are a part of the Cook County Forest Preserve, it was not listed on the official map.

The path is well-worn, and only foot traffic is allowed, but it is really just  a short hike up to the unmarked entrance to the cemetery.

The unmarked entrance to Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery

Years of neglect and vandalism have left the small area in disarray, and according to some, this has left the spirits that once rested there to wander around the cemetery and the adjacent woods.  Many of the original headstones are missing, and those that remain have been moved or knocked over.

Other headstones are hidden among the overgrown weeds.

The cemetery is rumored to have several spirits, but the most famous is known simply as the woman in white.  She has been seen sitting on an ornate stone near the entrance of the cemetery, and there is even a well published “photo” of the woman in white.  I did not see her while there.

The area where The Woman in White has been seen sitting at Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery

There are also said to be ghosts near a pond behind the cemetery.  The local legend of the pond is that it was an execution spot used by Al Capone during the 1920’s, and that Capone or one of his men would walk a marked man up to the edge of the pond, shoot them in the head, and then let them sink to the bottom.

Could the pond behind the cemetery hold the spirits of those who crossed Al Capone?

The largest monument still standing, belongs to the Fulton Family, and there seems to be some care still being applied to this large but unstable piece of rock.  It looks like someone over the years has been strengthening the base by adding rocks  to the eroding earth around the monument.

But while examining the base of the monument, I also found one other item.  A small wooden cross hidden away from the elements under the headstone.

Perhaps it was placed there to protect the Fulton Family from the spirits that haunt the cemetery.

Tom 365 – January 2012

As I highlighted in the weekly photo challenge Happy, I have been keeping a Facebook photo journal called Tom 365.  I decided to share the project here, one month at a time.  Two notes about January.  I had not quite yet come to the realization that all of the pictures of myself, needed to be taken by myself, and I missed two days due to a case of food poisoning.  I guess I was just not as dedicated as I thought.  I did make up for one missing photo by taking two pictures on January 20th.  I was trying to chronicle how long it would take me to get home during a Chicago snow storm.  It took me over three hours to drive 26 miles home that day.

I will try and post February soon.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

As soon as I saw the title of this weeks challenge, I instantly thought of a recent post I had published entitled And Now, The End Is Near.  It was a collection of photos I took at the end of the summer as the sun was setting over our lake up near Oxford, Wisconsin.  Because of the time of day, the pictures were very much a silhouette of our last few moments on the lake for the summer.  But it seemed too easy.  I had just posted them less than a month ago.

So instead, for this week I will be traveling a little farther back.  Almost two years to be exact.  To our honeymoon trip to Ireland, and a stop in the middle of the island at the Rock of Cashel.  It was a cool foggy morning, and yes, it had just snowed.  As a result, we could not climb up to the rock, but I was able to snap this haunting picture.

Despite the ice and snow, it was really a great trip.  If you would like to read more out it, just look for the tab maked Our Treacherous Ireland Holiday.

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More Big Chicago

I took a walk in downtown Chicago Sunday with the intension of getting one “big” picture of The Sears Tower.  After posting my “big” picture, I looked through the pictures I discarded and instantly thought I made an error.  There was a much better picture that I overlooked.

As I continued to look through the photos I took, I realized there was a lot to see in this “big” city, so I just had to share more.

Welcome to The City of Big Shoulders.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

Chicago, Chi-Town, The Windy City, The Second City.

It is also called The City of Big Shoulders.  It is definitely a city of big buildings.  It is in fact the home of one of the tallest buildings in the world, the tallest building in North America, and the seventh tallest freestanding structures in the world.  Tourist will know the building by a different name, but for those of us who grew up, lived and worked in the great city of Chicago, it will always be known as The Sears Tower.

If it had been a clearer day, I would have climbed to the top and taken a few shots from the glass boxes in the Skydeck, but the clouds were moving in quickly, and I decided to save that for another day.  But you can see the full glass enclosures way at the top in the picture below.

The Sears Tower in downtown Chicago, Illinois is one really “Big” building!



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Happy 50th Mom and Dad!

I know, I am a day early, but I didn’t think I would get to it tomorrow. 

October 13, 2012 is my mom and dad’s 50th Wedding Anniversary.

Maureen and I wish you both the best.  We only have 48 more years to catch up.

The celebration will continue in Dublin this December.

Black and White Bridgeport

Camera in hand, I check out another Chicago Neighborhood.  This time a little closer to home.  Or at least my work home.  Welcome to Bridgeport.

Strange? I seem to know where all the best bars are in this area.