Monthly Archives: February 2014

Tom 365 – February 28, 2014


Red Robin. Yum!

Tom 365 – February 27, 2014


The bitter cold has returned!

Is there any chance things will warm up by March 31st????

Tom 365 – February 26, 2014


It has been a tough week, and it is only Wednesday. I am a little up tight and I need to calm down.

Perhaps I should seek the help of a professional.

Tom 365 – February 25, 2014


Now I lay me down to sleep. Forgot to take a picture today, so it was literally the last thing I did before lifting my feet off the floor for the night.

Tom 365 – February 24, 2014


Built in the 1920’s and closed down in the 1980’s, the Ramova Theater has managed to elude the wrecking ball for more than 20 years. But all attempts to save and revive this historic building have failed.

It’s sister theater on the north side of Chicago, The Music Box, is a thriving independent art house. Can the Ramova be saved in the same way, or has time done too much damage to the old building?

Food, Glorious Food

One last word, or should I say picture, to help fully describe the dim sum feast we had today.


I was not kidding.  We had a lot of food!

Tom 365 – February 23, 2014


You dim sum, you lose sum.

We had a rather large dim sum brunch at Ming Hin Cuisine with friends.


We may have overdone it a bit.

Tom 365 – February 22, 2014


It was a basketball weekend. Marquette vs DePaul at the Allstate Arena. Overtime victory for Marquette.

Tom 365 – February 21, 2014


Tip off. Bulls vs Nuggets at the United Center.

Tom 365 – February 20, 2014


Warmer weather and melting snow brought on some fog today in Chicago. But not to worry, the temperature is going to drop back down below freezing again tonight.