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Tom 365 – April 30, 2014


A slightly drizzly morning was the perfect backdrop for Weather Day at U.S. Cellular Field.


Weather Day was hosted by WGN meteorologist Tom Skilling before the gates opened for today’s White Sox game against the Detroit Tigers.


Almost 2,000 kids listened in and asked questions of Mr. Skilling.

Tom 365 – April 29, 2014


Just down the street from the ballpark, and open late on game days.

The Grandstand.

Tom 365 – April 28, 2014


Hanging around
Nothing to do but frown
Rainy days and Mondays…….

Tom 365 – April 27, 2014


Throw back uniforms on Sunday, but not a throw back player. Paul Konerko continues to be a fan favorite at U.S. Cellular Field.

Tom 365 – April 26, 2014


Bunny Rabbits be damned, a few of our tulips survived!

Tom 365 – April 25, 2014


A big sports day for the City of Chicago. But I did not manage to get a single picture of any of the games. All I have to show for this day is the picture I accidentally took from inside my car.

At least I was tuned into a sports station.

Tom 365 – April 24, 2014


Perhaps the Easter Tulips have seen better days.

Tom 365 – April 23, 2014


It is always fun to come out of work and find highly flammable materials parked above my car.

At least they included an emergency contact number in case of chemical spill.


Tom 365 – April 22, 2014


I had time for a very quick walk past the power lines after dropping Molly off at practice. The weather may not have adjusted to Spring yet, but at least the sun is staying out later.

Tom 365 – April 21, 2014


It is all very eclectic.

The painting I bought my wife when we were first dating, the only known picture of me as a baby, and Esteban Loaiza.