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Tom 365 – June 2014 Gallery

This gallery contains 30 photos.

Tom 365 – June 30, 2014


Almost made it. Rain started pouring down just as I got home.

Tom 365 – June 29, 2014


Having my morning coffee on the shore of Jordan Lake. A little overcast, but it looks to be a beautiful day.

Tom 365 – June 28, 2014


Crossing the state line for a couple days of R & R.

Tom 365 – June 27, 2014


An institution in Chicago for longer than I have been alive, the Ferrara Pan Candy factory still makes Lemonheads and Red Hots right here. They even sell them from a tiny store inside the factory, but if you want the freshest candy you will need to bring cash. The factory store is not equipped to take credit or debit cards.

Tom 365 – June 26, 2014


The mysterious Lamp Outlet at 540 W 35th Street. Also known as Nu-Style Shade Company, the sign at the entrance claims the hours of business or from 8:30 to 4:30, although I have never seen anybody enter or exit this store in over 15 years. Without windows on the main floor, there is no way to look in to see if the business is indeed operating. But there is a very new looking security camera above the locked front door.

If I suddenly disappear tomorrow, tell the police to start their search here.

Tom 365 – June 25, 2014

Playing with filters on my iPhone.

Normal –


Mono –


Instant –


Weekly Photo Challange: Between

The Plants Between the Steps

Maybe it is time to do a little trimming.  We have plants growing between the steps to out deck.




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Tom 365 – June 24, 2014


Dirty, old fire hydrant. Ready to defend the neighborhood at a moments notice. On most days I don’t even remember you are there. Except for when I have to mow the lawn.

Tom 365 – June 23, 2014


I am not really sure what this is, but it sits along side the railroad tracks by work. I think it is an old switch box, but I am pretty sure it is not a functioning switch.