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Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

I am going to return once more to one of my favorite spots on the planet.  (Although I will have to admit I have a whole lot more exploring to do.) All of the picture below are from our honeymoon trip to the Emerald Isle.  These are from Northern Ireland, an amazing place known as The Giant’s Causeway.  If you are ever in Ireland, make the time to visit.  And stay in Bushmills.  I hear they make some good whiskey there.

Horizon Pathway

The Giant's Causeway

The Giant's Causeway

The Irish Horizon

What the heck, one more for good measure.

The Horizon Around the Rock




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Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue of You

Sneaking in on the last day again.

When I first saw the title of this weeks challenge, I instantly knew what color would represent my hue.  It would be grey.  I then thought would then find a great black and white photo to express that hue.  I also knew what photograph I wanted to use for the challenge.  It was a black and white picture I took outside the Chester Beatty Library in Dublin.  On the front lawn of the library there is a brick pathway that snakes through the grass, and at the end of each path there is the head of a serpent.

The Serpent Pathway

The black and white photo would be perfect to express my grey hue.

But when I located the picture on my camera, I was surprised to find another photo that I liked even better, and it gave me a whole new hue.


The Serpent Pathway

Even more than the first, this photo represents my hue. It is my heritage and family, a place I have enjoyed, and my desire to travel.  My wife and I plan to visit Ireland again, and also travel to other great places.

We have so many greener pastures to explore.




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A Modest Protest Proposal

With the World Series starting tonight, it seems like an appropriate time to acknowledge the ongoing controversy over the use of a specific mascot by a certain Major League Baseball team.

Let’s start here:

There is no reason to believe that the owners, or any official or player from this team, harbors animus towards the group portrayed by this mascot, or that they choose to disrespect this group.  It is undoubtedly also true that the vast majority of those who see this mascot, don’t think twice about the longstanding moniker.

I am of course referring to………

San Diego Padre

The San Diego Padre!

Having stipulated that the mascot use is done without malice, there is still a distinction that needs to be made.  The San Diego Padre is obviously a work of someone’s sick homo-erotic fantasy.

Let us examine the logo more closely:

San Diego Padre

This mascot is a swinger, and judging by that crooked smile on his face, I would say he was a gay swinger.  Obviously, the erect bat is a phallus. And would you look at the way his feet are crossed in such a feminine stance.  No real ballplayer or clergy would stand like that.  The symbol is an offence to Christianity, religious leaders, and our American way of life.

And I am fairly certain he is not wearing any undergarments under that frock!


We would all be aghast at the idea of using a flying nun or prancing priest as a team mascot, but somehow  a swinging friar is perfectly ok?  Monks, padres, and friars were routinely murdered by invading vikings and other pagans, but now, just a mere 2,000 years later we want them to dance and swing for our entertainment.

It is time to put an end to the abuse of a this beloved religious figure.  It is time to re-examine our values, and stop this offensive behavior.  Because even if an offense has not been intended, isn’t it clear to see how offense might legitimately be taken?

The Swinging Friar




No actual clergy was consulted for the writing of this article.


When it comes to silhouettes, I only take two types of picture.  Big dramatic silhouettes like this:

Marina Tower, Chicago

Or the accidental silhouette because I forgot to turn my flash on.

The Accidental Silhouette

I kind of like the second one.




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When the Cats Away, the Alligator will Play

It is that time of year when I will be eating alone more often.  The baseball season has ended here in Chicago, and basketball and hockey has started.  This means I will see much less of my lovely wife, and have more solo dinners.

Tonight was the first one of the off season.

Alex and Molly are at their mother’s tonight, so I made a meal just for me.  This is not some sort of dig for sympathy, it is just a statement of fact.  In my mind, it was also an opportunity.

I live with a household of picky eaters.  This is also just a simple statement of fact.  Maureen has texture issues, and she doesn’t eat salmon.  Molly does not like tacos, yet chicken quesadillas are perfectly fine.  Alex has yet to meet a vegetable that he likes, and he used to pick the grill lines off his hamburgers.  To be completely honest, I have my own food issues.  I don’t like pineapple or celery.  But of everyone in our house, I would be the most adventurous eater.  There is not much I wont try, and surprisingly, there are many unusual things I have really enjoyed.

So when I realized I was on my own for dinner tonight, I decided to treat myself to one of those dishes that only I will eat.  Alligator sausage over collard greens and rice.

alligator sausage

Although I am not a bad cook, for a meal like this I did everything wrong.  The sausage was frozen, the greens were canned, and I used instant rice.

But boy was it good.

I will have to see what I can come up with for next time.


I know I am a little late on this one, but here it goes.

I do not know why, but I have always found the underside of a bridge fascinating, and an incredible focus for my camera lens.  Here are just a few.

Cook County Forest Preserve

Along the Chicago River

The El Tracks - Lincoln Square




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Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite

From time to time, my wife and I like to go on what we call adventures.  They don’t always have to be big or grand adventures like Ireland.  We sometime find our best adventures not too far from home.  Sometimes it is as simple as finding a new bar or restaurant to try out.  This past weekend it was a winding trail.

Without an actual plan or place to go, we headed out on Sunday to take a walk. We ended up at a part of the Cook County Forest Preserve called the Saganashkee Slough.  The area was much less swampy than the name would indicate, and we found our adventure in a small trail that led into the woods.

The Saganashkee Slough

The path was winding and full or forks that traveled into the wooded area around the lake.  There was an endless amount of twist and turns.  Where this adventure would take us we just didn’t know.  But it was a beautiful day, so…..

Saganashkee Slough Adventure

The possibilities were infinite.




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