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Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination (part 2)

Sticking with the Illumination theme, here a second picture from our trip to Ireland.  Still from Dublin, this is the Half Penny Bridge, or as the locals call it, Ha’Penny Bridge.

Half Penny Bridge, Dublin

The Half Penny Bridge is a foot bridge that spans the Liffey, connecting Northern Dublin with the South at Ormond Quay and Wellington Quay.  It gets its name from the toll that used to be charged to make the cross from one side of the river to the other.

The bridge itself is very simplistic in both style and function, and at least at the time I used it was not nearly as congested as the crossing down the way at O’Connell Street.  Although I would imagine it is much more crowded later on, when the Temple Bar area starts to empty out.

» Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

I have been missing from the Weekly Photo Challenge for a couple of weeks because we took a family trip to Ireland.  It was a great trip, and I have s lot of photos and stories to share.  Having looked through my photos several times, I narrowed the choices for Illumination down to two.  Here is the first.

Inis Fail by Oliver Sheppard

The sculpture is entitled “Inis Fail” and it is by Irish artist Oliver Sheppard.  It is currently on display at Kilmainham Gaol in Dublin, as part of an exhibition about the Easter Rising of 1916.  Although Sheppard was never arrested or jailed at Kilmainham Gaol, his works were sympathetic to the Irish Independence Movement.

The sculpture is one of Mr. Sheppard’s earliest works, dating back to 1901.  It is made of bronze, and is described as the female personification of Ireland.  In the dark hall of the jail, it was illuminated from above, enhancing the contrast of light and dark in the bronze, creating a dramatic effect for those viewing the sculpture.




To view more photos of illumination visit:

Home Again – The Return from Ireland

We just got back last night, and as soon as we dropped our bags at the front door, Maureen and I lapsed into a coma like state, and slept for the next twelve hours.  The trip was a success.  I am sure I will post much more later, but here is a quick retrospect of our trip to Ireland.

We started with an eight-hour layover in Manchester, were we got to take a look at Manchester Cathedral.

Manchester Cathedral

Next stop was Limerick.  This photo is of the Treaty Stone, marking the Treaty of Limerick in 1691.  Limerick Castle is in the background across the river.

The Treaty Stone

From there it was a quick drive to Kilkenny to see another castle, and a really neat town.

Kilkenny Castle

Next up was five days in Dublin with my family.  There will be a lot more on that later.  Pictured below is Kilmainham Gaol, the old Irish jail.

Kilmainham Gaol

On New Year’s Day, we drove up to one of our favorite cities the last time we were in Ireland, and that was Belfast.  We arrived after dark, and as we wandered the city center we found a sculpture entitled, “The Spirit of Belfast.”

The Spirit of Belfast

Our final destination was Bushmills, although we did return to Belfast for one more night to meet up with friends before we had to head home.  This is St. John the Baptist Church.

St. John the Baptist Church