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Tom 365 – August 14, 2016

Flying high on this beautiful Sunday morning. 

Tom 365 – July 26, 2016

If you found yourself in this line at U.S. Cellular Field today, you bought tickets from a secondary source like Vivid Seats or Seat Geek, and you tried to enter using your phone rather than a printed paper ticket. Sports and concert venues do not have any responsibility for tickets sold on the secondary market, and they cannot reprint tickets you did not buy directly from them. You need to direct your complaint to the company you bought the tickets from, not the box office.  Buyer beware. 

Tom 365 – July 2, 2016

What a fantastic day for a walk along the lake front. Fitbit says we walked 10 miles today. Not bad for an old guy with a bad knee. 

Tom 365 – May 15, 2016

Family Field Day at Sox Park. 

But not my family. I have no idea who these people are. 

Tom 365 – April 11, 2016

Had a number of appointments today. Between stops, I had some soup and a cup of coffee at a local diner. 

As I was finishing my coffee, I overheard a conversation at a nearby table. The “older” gentleman wanted to order the Reuben, but his daughter wanted him to make a healthier choice and recommended the Turkey Wrap.  His response was perfect. 

“What’s the use in living longer if I can only eat crap.”

I almost bought him the Reuben myself.  

Tom 365 – March 5, 2016

It has been a very full day so far. But the shinning moment has been taking Little Liberty to see Lady Liberty. 

Tom 365 – January 29, 2016

And so it begins. SoxFest 2016. 

Tom 365 – December 29, 2015

Lottie’s Pub

I am pretty sure these lights are up all year round. 

Tom 365 – November 11, 2015


Today’s Taco Adventure. 

Starting today’s adventure at Big Star where we are sitting outside in November.  

Tom 365 – November 4, 2015

The city on the lake. 

I ditched work early and headed out for a walk. I ended out on Navy Pier and just sat in the sunshine. And took a few pictures. 

Yes, another skyline picture. But it is a whole different angle and that is not the Sears Tower.