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Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

I don’t know if posting to last weeks challenge is still permissable, but what is the worst thing that could happen?  Would they take away my Challenge Card?

When I first found the Daily Post, it was the Everyday Life Challenge that really caught my eye.  It was where I really intended to start, but then I realized I was already too late for that week.  Which was too bad, because I had a great photo to go with the Everyday Life theme.

I have no idea who the young child is in the picture, but I can tell you that seconds after snapping the shot, he was running and crying towards his mother.  I had published the photo once before in a post entitled Black and White Lincoln Square.

It is one of my favorite pictures.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

This is the first time I have decided to particapate the Weekly Photo Challenge.  The theme for the week is solitary.  Rather than taking a photo of someone or something in a solitary moment, I have decided to post a photo I took while in a solitary moment myself.

We have a great set of walking paths that run through the back of our neighborhood, and this picture was taken on a sunny afternoon about a week ago.  My wife had to work, and my kids were with their mother.  There was almost no one around on the path that day.  It was a very rare solitary moment in my life.

For more Solitary Photos, visit the Weekly Photo Challenge at:

Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign

It’s sign season.

Political signs.

Garage Sale signs.

For Sale by Owner.

Molly and I took a little trip up and down our block, and we were amazed by how many signs have crowded the landscape on the street.  All of the signs shown here are within a mile of our house, down a local stretch of road called Lily Cache Lane.

There are signs offering to help people find work.

There are signs offering up services.

There are even signs offering to make more signs.  Only I don’t think this one will drum up much business, since it was broken and lying on the ground.

This particular advertiser managed to plant about two dozen signs just on Lily Cashe Lane.  I saw others scattered around the rest of Bolingbrook.

I only spotted three copies of this sign, but it made me wonder if the lease was also written with a black Sharpie.  Notice, it does not tell you the location of the property.

Some signs are placed with care, attempting to attract business.

While some signs almost seem to be an afterthought, slapped and tapped where ever seemed most convenient.  The balloon is a nice touch though.

Some signs are so old and faded, you can’t event tell they were signs at all.  Molly and I decided to toss this one in the garbage, since it seemed very unlikely that the original owner was going to return and remove it themselves.

But by far, my favorite signs of the day belonged to this handy advertiser.

These simple little signs could be found at the base of almost every stop sign in the area.

A regular Jack of all trades!

Although some of his repair signs are in need of repair.

Signs, signs, everywhere a sign.  My own little tribute to The Five Man Electrical Band.


Took a little walk this afternoon, and I brought my camera along just to see what would catch my attention.  Turns out it was the power lines that ran along the side of one of the paths.  I took about 30 shots in total.  I thought these were some of the best.

To take this picture, I decided to ignore the Danger – High Voltage sign, standing directly under one of the towers looking up.

The Boss – Part Two

I learned two things while attending my very first Bruce Springsteen concert over at Wrigley Field last night.  The first is that my new camera phone is not much better than my old crappy cell phone camera when trying to take pictures of a dark concert stage.





Luckily, the good folks over at Wrigley Field tried to get the show to end early once it started to rain, and turned on all of the field lights.  But Mr. Springsteen would have none of it, and continued to play on for over an hour more in the rain.  This allowed those of us with non-Iphone technology to take some better pictures of the event.  Thanks Wrigley Field Management!



The second thing I learned is that it is still impossible for me to get in or out of Wrigley Field without having a minor panic attack.  For those with blind love for the North Side, I get it.  It is your team and you love everything about them and the ballpark.  But even those who bleed Cubbie Blue have got to admit that getting in or out of that park is a disaster waiting to happen.  On a good day, I do not like large crowds of people.  Add to that rain and a desperate need to take a leak that was then compounded by the staff at Wrigley shutting down all of the portable restrooms, and the end result was one pissed off Sox Fan having to relieve himself in the parking lot of the 7 Eleven across Addison along with about a half-dozen other guys who could wait no longer.

The results of my night out to see The Boss can be summed up very simply.  Even at 62 years of age, Springsteen is great.  I would go to see him again in an instant.  But not at Wrigley.  Last night was my very last trip to Wrigley Field.

It is probably better off without me.

The Boss


My very first Springsteen concert. We survived the crowd and the rain and had a general good time.

More later when I figure out how to get the rest of the pictures off my phone.

And Now, The End Is Near

It is with great sadness that I am forced to announce the end of Summer 2012.  We all knew it was coming, but that last really good weekend on Jordan Lake is always a mix of good times and a little sad.

The sun sets on Jordan Lake, near Oxford Wisconsin.

There was time for one more cook out, one more jump in the middle of the lake, and one more night on the town.  Trust me, Bad Brad’s was not ready for the clan that descended on them.

One more chance to tell fish stories on Jordan Lake, 2012.

There was time to cast the line one more time, play in the sand one more time, and sit in the water and do practically nothing one more time.

Laura and Marney take one last “swim” on Jordan Lake, 2012.

And after a few last drinks at the back of the lake, there was also time for one last “special” swim for the 2012 season.

So long Summer.  See you back here next year.