Monthly Archives: November 2014

Tom 365 – November 30, 2014


Once again, my cousin Jennifer wins the great holiday card race. She must put them in the mailbox on Thanksgiving.

Our card might arrive before the new year. Heavy emphasis on “might”.

Tom 365 – November 29, 2014


Any suggestions on a good seasonal beer? Tonight we will be trying Leinenkugel’s Cranberry Ginger Shandy and Winter’s Bite. I am already a fan of the Snowdrift Vanilla Porter.

Tom 365 – November 28, 2014


The only shopping for me on this Black Friday was a paper run to Costco.

Ok, and the Skinny Pop.

Tom 365 – November 27, 2014


Thanksgiving 2014.

The aftermath. Welcome to food coma.

Tom 365 – November 26, 2014


Happy Anniversary to the pretty lady who made me a very happy.

Tom 365 – November 25, 2014


Pretty flowers for a pretty girl.

Pink Lilies for our anniversary tomorrow.

Tom 365 – November 24, 2014


It wasn’t a whole lot, but I arrived home to a snow covered lawn.

Tom 365 – November 23, 2014


Shaw’s today for Brunch.

Highly recommended.

Tom 365 – November 22, 2014


It is not a neon sign. But it was also not open when I past. So no pool for me.

Tom 365 – November 21, 2014


An abandoned car wash on 95th Street in Chicago. I would like to come back with my real camera and take better pictures, but it is not really in a section of town I would feel comfortable getting out of my car in at night.


I was able to take these from inside my car while stopped for a train.