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Tom 365 – March 31, 2014

Opening Day.


The weather cooperated and it was a packed house for the first day of baseball in Chicago.


Tom 365 – March 30, 2014


One more day until the start of the baseball season.

Opening Day 2014 is tomorrow.


Tom 365 – March 29, 2014


Just two more days!


Weekly Photo Challenge – Street Life

I took this photo from my iPhone a couple weeks ago. I really didn’t know why at the time other than it looked interesting to me.


Perhaps it was just because I was anticipating this weeks theme.





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Tom 365 – March 28, 2014


Three days until Opening Day!

The weather forecast for Chicago is 61 degrees and mostly sunny.

Hope to see you at the ballpark.

Tom 365 – March 27, 2014


It might be a bit overcast and drizzly, but at least it is not snowing.

Four days until the baseball season opens.

Opening Day 2014.

Tom 365 – March 26, 2014


Five more days. Baseball begins on March 31st. Opening Day 2014.

Tom 365 – March 25, 2014


Six day to go, and although there was a dusting of snow this morning, Roger Bossard has the field looking good for Opening Day.

Tom 365 – March 24, 2014


Just one more week and it begins.

Baseball 2014 starts on March 31st.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections part 2

A slightly differant interpretation on this week’s theme.

reflecting on reflection




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