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Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

First the rain came down.  Then the water came…….


Water came up the drain

And Up.

Water filled up the ball field

And UP!

Water came up to the house




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Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

I have been playing around recently with the whole idea of Black and White versus Color when taking picture.  So as I see an interesting subject, I will take two photos, one of each.  The process has taught me a lot about when color really helps to tell a story.

Recently, I took a walk around Downtown Chicago, and I found myself wandering the path that follows the Chicago River.  While on that walk, I took the following picture, looking back at the Wrigley Building and the Michigan Avenue Bridge.

From the Chicago River, Black and White

I was very pleased with the photo.  I thought the framing was good, and I felt it really captured the personality of the city.  Then as an afterthought, a switched over to color, and took the picture again.

A view from the river, Color.

When I looked at the second shot, I could not believe the difference.  The color brought the city to life.  The blue sky from the setting sun, the yellow reflections in the water, and the contrast from the red light at the top of the building create a more complete story.  Even the more defined grey of the building, and the variation in color of all the different light sources, added a level to the photo that the Black and White was missing.

This was definitely a time when color won the battle.




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