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Weekly Photo Challenge – Life Imitates Art

Chicago Imitates Starry Night

A phone ap that finally comes in handy.

Thanks to an ap called Dreamscope, my real life picture of Chicago can now imitate famous works of art.  In this case, it is Van Gogh’s Starry Night.

Here are the two photos side by side.




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Weekly Photo Challenge – Time

I began my blog back in 2009.  Since that time, many things have changed.

My Babe

My Beautiful Girlfriend…..

The Best Black Friday Ever

Became my gorgeous wife.

al and me

My son……

Happy Graduation Day

Got tall.


And my little girl……

Prom Night 2015

Grew Up.




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Weekly Photo Challenge – Vibrant

With the overcast week we have had, I did not find a good photo opportunity for this weeks challenge.  So I reached way back into the archives to our honeymoon in Ireland to find this vibrant picture.

An Droicead Beag (The Small Bridge). The most colorful pub in all of Dingle.

An Droicead Beag (The Small Bridge). The most colorful pub in all of Dingle.

Back in 2010, we visited this vibrantly colored pub in Dingle, Ireland.

A Vibrant Group Inside

The people inside were just as vibrant as the walls outside.




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Weekly Photo Challenge – Optimistic

Empty Seats

As the winter starts to fade, sports fans start to think of baseball.  Each Spring it is a fresh slate.  Any team can win it all.

Tom 365 - October 29, 2014

Baseball fans tend to be very Optimistic.




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Weekly Photo Challenge – Alphabet

I may be loosing my mind.  I spent the afternoon in single digit temperatures taking pictures of the Alphabet.




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Weekly Photo Challenge – Weight(less)

Weightless in the Clouds

Weightless in the sky.  A few views of the clouds on our way home from Ireland.

Weightless in Black and White

Weightless on a plane




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Weekly Photo Challenge – Circle

Engine Circle - Weekly Photo Challenge

We recently took a trip back to Ireland, and as we were waiting to board our flight, I took this picture of the rotating engine on our plane.




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Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Way

Growing up in the United States in the 1970s, one of the great moments of childhood was the Family Road Trip. Immortalized in the original Vacation movie, all people of my age will have fond memories of a cross-country trek with the family.  I have had several of these growing up.  California, Kentucky, and the infamous Washington DC trip in the summer of 1975.

Although we never stopped to see Clark Griswold’s Second Largest Ball of Twine, no family vacation would be complete with out visiting one of the many roadside attractions designed to lure in travelers to spend a little cash.  Paul Bunyan Statues, Sun Glass Wearing Elephants, and if you are in traveling outside Madison, Wisconsin, there is this way larger than life cow:


I will have to hunt through my pictures and see if I can find any other great attractions we have stopped to see One the Way.




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Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange

From time to time, my wife will tell me that I am being difficult on purpose.  This is one of those time.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange

What to do when presented with a color photo challenge?  Take some black and white photos that scream orange.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange 2




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Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth (of Field)

I took a walk over the weekend with the idea that I was going to look for specific things to photograph to illustrate Depth of Field.  Here is what I shot.

Two contrasting pictures at a closed truck yard on Madison Street.

The Post

The Truck

The first photo obviously has a much shorter depth of field, focusing just on the fence post, but the second has a much larger depth, stretching all the way back to the buildings behind the truck.

They are basically the exact same picture, with a different focus and depth of field.




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