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Let the Nightmares Begin

“Don’t watch that.  It will give you nightmares!”

At some point in our life, almost everyone has ignored this advise.  And at some point in our life, ignoring that advise had led to nightmares.

In honor of Halloween this Friday, here is my list of the top ten movies that actually gave me nightmares.  Please note, these are not necessarily the best  horror films or the scariest movies around, but at some point in my life, they did indeed give me nightmares.

#10 –  Marathon Man

#10 Marathon Man

The nightmare begins with three little words.  “Is it safe”?  and then suddenly you never want to see a dentist again.

#9  –  House of Wax

#9 House of Wax

The original 1953 classic.  The only thing that would give me nightmares about the remake would be Paris Hilton’s acting.  It might seem a little campy by today’s standards, but back when I watched this on Channel 32, hosted by Son of Svengoolie, it did give me nightmares.

#8 – Invasion of the Body Snatchers

#8 Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Because Donald Sutherland is not scary enough on his own.  Add in creepy pod birth Donald Sutherland, and now you have real nightmares.  And I wont even go near that ending.  Just thinking about it might give me a nightmare.

#7 – Jaws

#7 Jaws

I blame Greg Huber.  He had already seen the film and told me it was not “that” scary.  Then he handed me a tub of popcorn right before the head pop scene just to see if I would drop it.  And I did.  Can you believe it is only rated PG?

#6  –  Trilogy of Terror

#6 Trilogy of Terror

It was made for TV back in 1975, so it was not nearly as gory as I remembered.  But to a ten year old, that little voodoo doll was more than enough to give me nightmares.

#5 – Pet Sematary

#5 Pet Sematary

Stephen King and The Ramones make a great combinations, and one scary movie.  If they ever get the re-make off the ground, they would do well to include the song.

#4 – Se7en

#4 Se7en

It probably didn’t help that I watched the film late at night, alone in an empty movie theater.  It was one of the perks of being the manager, but in this case it was also responsible for a very bad night of sleep.

#3 – Carrie

#3 Carrie

Yea, I know.  Another Stephen King.  But this is the one my mother gave me the warning about.  Unfortunately for her, she didn’t listen to her own warning.  When the final scene played and I literally jumped off the couch, I landed right next to my mother.

#2 – Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer

#2 Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer

The ultra realism of this film made it one of the scariest film I had ever seen.  Henry wasn’t just a hack and slash make believe monster, he was real.  The horror of Henry is that you could see him in the real world.  He could be the guy living next door.  Or one of your college roommates.

#1 – The Exorcist

#1 The Exorcist

It is the king of all horror movies, and for a good reason.  It has been giving people nightmares for more than 40 years now, and it does not look to be ending anytime soon.  It just topped the Time Out Chicago 100 Best Horror Films.  Check it out this Halloween.  I promise.  It won’t give you nightmares.




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And sleep well.