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Not an Addict

It’s not a habit, it cool, I feel alive.

A brief history of my relationship with booze, over the course of this blog.

Tom 365 – March 2, 2016

Forgotten Soldier

A forgotten soldier.  This guy made it all the way until March before he was discovered.  Maybe he should stay a little longer.  He wasn’t doing any harm sitting on that shelf all winter.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Life Imitates Art

Chicago Imitates Starry Night

A phone ap that finally comes in handy.

Thanks to an ap called Dreamscope, my real life picture of Chicago can now imitate famous works of art.  In this case, it is Van Gogh’s Starry Night.

Here are the two photos side by side.




For more images of Life Imitates Art, please visit:


Tom 365 – January 5, 2015

Tom 365 - January 5, 2016

Back to work does make me Grouchy.  The candy bar truly understands me!

Tom 365 – January 4, 2016

Tom 365 - January 4, 2016

I think I am enjoying my return to color.  I could not find the title of this sculpture, but it can be found outside the Bridgeport Art Center in the Sculpture Garden.

Tom 365 – January 3, 2016

Last Evergreen of Christmas

The last Evergreens of Christmas.  Time to return to reality.  We have got to get up early for work tomorrow.

Tom 365 – December 16 2015

Shannon Mary

The Nativity Play

The kids did a wonderful job today.  Very proud of our little Mary.

Tom 365 – December 5, 2015

Congratulations to Pastor Charles Johnson.    May you lead your congregation with pride and joy. 

Tom 365 – September 27, 2015

The Eclipse

Who would have thought getting a picture of the moon during an eclipse would be so difficult.  Here is my best shot, taken about halfway into the eclipse.  Long before the “red moon” began.

Accidental Photography

Last week, as I was taking my picture for the day, I came across an underpass in the Pilsen neighborhood that I thought had an interesting dynamic.  So I took a picture.

Pilsen Underpass

I was happy with the shot and about to move on when I spotted a walker entering the cross walk.  I didn’t really have a chance to frame the picture.  I took another three quick pictures.

And then just like that, my picture was changed.

The same thing happened yesterday.  My wife and I were sitting at a table outside along Randolph Street.  We had ordered a couple cocktails to enjoy in the sun.

Randolph Street Cocktails

Just as I finished taking the picture, I noticed a bride and groom turning the corner.  Again, I was able to take three quick shots.

The middle picture was my photo for the day yesterday.

Sometimes I think I try too hard.  I take time to set up photos and frame them just right.  Very often I will take multiple photos of the same subject from different angles or slightly different framing looking for the perfect picture.

It seems that these Accidental Photos have a life that my set-up photos don’t have.  I can’t plan them.  They just exist.  If only it was possible to get this type of spontaneity in all of my photographs.