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Tom 365 – January 3, 2016

Last Evergreen of Christmas

The last Evergreens of Christmas.  Time to return to reality.  We have got to get up early for work tomorrow.

Tom 365 – December 31, 2015

Last picture of 2015. Not sure what is going to happen next year. 

But I have a few hours and a couple beers left to come up with an idea. 

Tom 365 – December 31, 2014


We ventured out last night, but it turned out to be too soon.

I am feeling better, but my lovely wife is still sick. We ended this year with one last trip to the doctor and the pharmacy for drugs. But we picked up these cool mugs to ring in the New Year with some hot chocolate.

Tom 365 – December 28, 2014


It is almost over. Almost time to put Christmas away. A new year is right around the corner.