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Tom 365 – May 8, 2016

Hamm’s tall boy and Fall Out Boy. 

Mother’s Day on the South Side. 

Tom 365 – May 7, 2016

Mother’s Day flowers early. 

Happy Mother’s Day, Babe. 

Tom 365 – May 10, 2015


If you forgot to get flowers today for your mother, the Mariano’s at Ashland and Archer was not the place to stop. 

Tom 365 – May 11, 2014


Happy Mother’s Day to all.

It’s Dance Friday

No, no, no, I am not going to shake my groove thing to Hit Me Baby One More Time for a chance to win Britney tickets at the United Center, although she will be playing on my birthday this year and Maureen did offer to take me.  No, instead welcome to the first Friday edition of a dance through my brain.  I think it.  You read it.  Ready?

I had no intention of going to see the movie Thor, until I read in the paper this morning that  it was directed by Kenneth Branagh.  That combined with some good reviews have peaked my interest.  Although I was told I could not see any movie until I took my lovely wife to see the current adaption of her favorite novel, Jane Eyre.  How does Tuesday at 8:05 sound?  Yorktown Theater.

My oldest daughter turned 20 on Tuesday.  Happy Birthday, Stephanie.  You can stop that now.

I have no desire to see picture of Osama bin Laden with his face blown off.  Since Al-Qaida itself is not contesting the fact that he is dead, why do we need to prove to the same people who still think the President’s birth certificate is a fake that he is really, really, truly dead?  I thought that the whole point behind a covert operation is that it is covert.  I am perfectly ok with the fantasy world were Jack Ryan gets Willem Dafoe to fly a helicopter which he bought with a government check to head over and take him out.

The Sox are so bad right now, I almost can’t watch them.  Almost.  I am a glutton for punishment.  And since they don’t start tonight until 9:10, I have at least half an hour of a Bulls victory high before I am slammed back down to earth.

The song Rhinestone Cowboy has been running through my head all day.

Donald Trump has decided that driving the pace car at the Indianapolis 500 would be a conflict of interest with his potential campaign for president in 2012.  The only conflict I see is that the people who run the Indy are no longer interested.

This was teacher appreciation week.  In case you forgot, go out and appreciate a teacher.  If you’re in government, maybe appreciate them enough to keep their pensions in place.  I appreciated my favorite teacher last night.  What?  Librarians are teachers too.

I found myself in the strange position of agreeing with Michael Savage this week, but he was correct.  You don’t have to agree with someone’s political views or opinions to say someone did a good job.  He congratulated President Obama for a job well done Monday.  I congratulate him for saying so.

Wow, I haven’t mentioned William Kelly in my blog in months.

Although I knew I turned the coffee pot off this morning, there was a part of my brain that refused to accept the truth until I actually got home and saw it turned off.  Even then it still kept asking to see the long version of the off button.

Why is it that the jelly beans I put in the candy dish only disappear one color at a time?  And who ate all the orange.  Those are my favorite.

Lord of the Flies is still as bad now as it was in Junior High.  But Dammit!  I swear I am going to finish it this time.  I can’t believe it has taken me three weeks to get as far as I am.  It’s only 184 pages.  I read The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest in less time than this, and it is almost 600 pages.  Only 66 pages to go.  Hell I should be able to finish it before the Sox are back to 500.

I did it again.  I turned my pillow into a taco.  This is why Maureen can’t buy me anything nice.

I think I need to take a refresher trip back to Ireland.  I still haven’t finished the whole story of our Honeymoon trip.  Is it like the thank you notes?  Do I have a whole year to finish them?

Spent the last month pissing and moaning at my son about not doing his math homework.  Excuse after excuse came out of his mouth.  I knew he was just being a stubborn little shit, fighting against me the more and more I pushed at him.  I know it was not for lack of understanding, he always scores well on the standardized tests.  He just wasn’t doing his homework.  Then I explained to him that if he got another D in math, he was going to have to take it over again in summer school.  Four days later all the work is done and he got an A on his test.  God I hate it when I’m right!

Thank God the second Blagojevich trial has started.  The paper was starting to get boring now that Carol Moseley Braun is no longer calling people crack whores.

I can’t believe we still have leftover ham from Easter.  How come the leftover beer never lasts this long?

This Sunday is Mother’s Day.  Give your mother a big kiss and a hug for me, and if she is no longer with us, close your eyes and travel back in time and give her one anyway.  Mothers are one of Gods best inventions.  Don’t take them for granted.  Love you Mom!