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McRib – The Gay Marriage of Fast Food

Why do you hate me?

Does my kind of love offend you?

Sure, my food choice is different from most.  Some would even say it is depraved or unnatural.  But all I am looking for is to be treated as an equal in the fast food world.  I just want my love of a frozen pork patty sandwich to be looked upon as equal to that of any frozen beef product sandwich.  In reality, is my frozen pork really any different from all those frozen hamburgers?  I understand that there are those who will oppose my choice in fast food love based on religious convictions, but I am not asking them to eat the sandwich.  I just want them to recognize that I have the same rights as they do to enjoy the sandwich I love, in the manner in which I love.

In what way I’m I hurting you?

My sandwich does not, in any way, diminish the purity or quality of your sandwich.  I am not looking to eliminate your sandwich because I believe my sandwich is somehow superior.  In fact, the addition of my sandwich will actually help boost sales in the market place, adding much needed revenue to our still slumping economy.

And you can cut out all that crap about “protecting the children.”  Children raised by frozen pork patty people are in no more danger than those raised by frozen beef patty people.  Those like me, who love this sandwich, are not looking to convert your children.  Let them eat beef.  Let them eat chicken.  Let them eat cake!

Isn’t it really about just treating all people the same?

Years from now, I envision a world were we will look back on this little chapter in history, and feel ashamed that we treated those who enjoyed a processed pork patty sandwich covered in a tangy BBQ sauce with such disdain.  Posting naked pictures of the frozen patty all over the internet for everyone to gawk at, shunning it as a disgusting and disturbing thing.  Making people feel that they are somehow immoral or perverted because their tainted love of this type of sandwich constitutes some sort of deviant behavior.

I say it is time to stop the hate, and rectify the wrongs caused by the bigoted anti-frozen pork patty people.  Stop spreading the hate.  We need diversity in our fast food choices.  We need to embrace those who embrace the frozen pork patty.

Equal rights in sandwich choice, will lead to equal rights for all.

The McRib Sandwich

Enough with the McRib Hate

Isn’t there enough hate in the world?

Can we please just leave the McRib alone?

Years ago it was the rumor that the McRib was actually kangaroo meat.  Then there was that story a couple years ago about the McRib containing the same chemical composition as most common yoga mats.  And now this year there is this:

Frozen McRib Meat

The picture claims to be a frozen McRib patty, and it certainly looks like a frozen McRib type patty.

This is a cooked McRib patty slathered in sauce, placed between a bun with onions and pickles:

Cooked McRib Patty

If the intent of the frozen McRib picture was to deter people from eating a McRib sandwich, it certainly didn’t work.  This particular McRib sandwich found a new home in my stomach.

Inside the McRib

Just so there is no confusion, here is what the inside of a McRib looks like, and yes, it does have a look similar to a yoga mat.  But since I have never eaten a BBQ Sauce coated yoga mat, I have no idea if the similarity stops at looks.

McRib haters be warned.  There is nothing you can say or show me that will cause me to abandon my yearly ingestion of this scrumptious little sandwich.

McRib is Back

The McRib is Back!!!