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Tom 365 – November 5, 2015

Stanley Under Ice. 

Chicago is hosting the largest AAA hockey tournament this weekend.  The Bauer International AAA Invite. 

I knew nothing about it until just now. 

Tom 365 – October 7, 2015

Although much of the city is currently obsessed with a certain North Side team, today was also a day to celebrate our West Side team. The one that already won a championship this year. 

They raised the banner at the United Center tonight. 

Tom 365 – August 19, 2015

Ran into Gene Honda today. Could not resist taking a picture of his 2013 ring.

Wonder what 2015 will look like?

Tom 365 – June 15, 2015


For those who have never been there, this is what the Stanley Cup looks like. 

I am not bragging. 

Ok.  So maybe just a little. 

Tom 365 – June 13, 2015


Celebrating the Blackhawks victory is style. 

Tom 365 – June 8, 2015


The Blachawk sweaters are back out over at U.S. Cellular Field. The South Side is showing support for the West Side.

Go Blackhawks!

Tom 365 – May 30, 2015


Game 7.   Chicago Style!


Tom 365 – May 6, 2015


The men of bronze over at U.S. Cellular Field dressed up in their finest sportswear to support the other Chicago teams still playing over at the United Center. Here is Billy Pierce in his Blackhawks jersey. 

Other bronze men sported Bulls gear. 

Tom 365 – April 25, 2015

Tom 365 - April 25, 2015

Blackhawks at home tonight. ┬áLet’s Finish this thing here in Chicago.

Tom 365 – April 19, 2015


My view for the Blackhawk game today. 

Best seat at the bar.