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Tom 365 – October 25, 2015

With less than a week before Halloween, we took a trip back to Chicago’s Most Haunted Cemetery, Bachelor’s Grove. 

I for one, do not believe in ghosts or spirits, but I had a lot of problems with my camera inside the cemetery today. 

This was the best picture I was able to take and upload. It seems the camera problems followed me home. 

The Couch Trip

My wife does not share my fascination with cemeteries.  I think she finds it a little creepy.

We had not intended to visit a tomb yesterday on our city walk, but when we found ourselves in Lincoln Park, she allowed me to have my adult ADD moment and sidetrack us over to the Couch Tomb.

Long before Lincoln Park was the great lake front play land it is today, it was the Chicago City Cemetery.  After the Great Chicago Fire, due in part to health concerns, the cemetery was closed and most of the remains were moved to other locations outside of the city.  The only remaining visible plot is still located on the south end of the park.

Ira Couch Tomb

There is much debate over why the tomb was left behind.  It was either too expensive to relocate, or the family used a combination of political clout and legal maneuvers to prevent the removal of the tomb.

The Couch Tomb in Lincoln Park, Chicago

Although still slightly hidden inside Lincoln Park, the tomb is very accessible to public views, and has recently gone under renovation.

Couch Tomb in Lincoln Park, Chicago

A small reminder of the fascinating history of the city.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections part 2

A slightly differant interpretation on this week’s theme.

reflecting on reflection




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Tom 365 – March 12, 2014


An overnight March snowstorm was only hell for the living, and those who needed to make the morning commute. The dead will stay warm in their graves under a fresh blanket of snow.

For now.

The Proud Papa

There are moments in every parents life, that we are so proud of our kids that we almost burst.  I had one of those moments last night.

Molly will be taking a trip this Spring to Washington DC.  As part of this trip, they will be stopping at Arlington National Cemetery, where her school will take part in a Wreath Laying Ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknowns.  To select the actual participants in the ceremony, the school held an essay contest.  The rules were very simple.  They had to write a one page essay on someone who was buried at the cemetery.

Well, Molly won.  She will be one of three kids that partake in the laying of the wreath.  I could not be more proud of her.  I was a little sad that a scheduling conflict prevented Molly from being there to hear her name being called, but a quick text message relayed the news.  It is a great honor, and she is thrilled to be given this opportunity. 

Her essay was about the crew of the Space Shuttle Challenger, and I have included it below.

 Good job little girl.  Maureen and I love you a bunch.

The Challenger

January 28, 1986

By: Mollie E.

            Imagine, there you are, on a cold January afternoon, staring up at an enormous space shuttle. You hear the countdown. 3… 2… 1… BLASTOFF!!! It seems as if the whole world is moving in slow motion. But then, something goes wrong. That once beautiful space shuttle is now coming down in pieces all around you.

            The Challenger was launched on January 28, 1986. It exploded seconds after take-off, instantly killing all 7 crew members. This included Captain Michael Smith, Christa McAuliffe, Gregory Jarvis, Judy Resnick, Dick Scobee, Ronald McNair, and Ellison Onizuka. It took over 2 months to recover all the remains from the ocean floor. They were located about 18 miles off shore of Cape Canaveral.

            Captain Michael Smith was buried in Section 7A, Grave 208 on May 3, 1986. Francis “Dick” Scobee was buried in Section 46, Grave 1129 on May 19, 1986. All unidentified remains of the crew were buried next to Scobee’s grave on May 20, 1986.

            These 7 astronauts died with their pride, and they died heroes. When a loose O ring caused a mix in engine fuels, the pressure and force from the altitude and the rocket itself caused the explosion, shooting the unused booster rockets flying outward. They may not have ever left the Earth’s atmosphere, but they gave their lives trying.

Challenger Final Moment

More Pictures from Bachelor’s Grove

As usual, I too more pictures than I could fit in one post.  Here are a few more shots from Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery.

For more information about Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery see my last post at:


A Haunting at Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery

It was almost too easy.  An infamously haunted cemetery just outside of Chicago called Bachelor’s Grove should have been more difficult to locate.  It is indeed hidden down an almost unusable path, and there are no marking or signs that direct you to the abandoned sight, but with a little help from a local gentleman with a slight brogue and a smart phone, Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery was not too difficult to find.

The path that leads to Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery

The first thing someone needs to know about finding Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery is that it is not located in the Bachelor Grove Woods.  The path is located across the way from Rubio Woods, and although the cemetery and the surrounding area are a part of the Cook County Forest Preserve, it was not listed on the official map.

The path is well-worn, and only foot traffic is allowed, but it is really just  a short hike up to the unmarked entrance to the cemetery.

The unmarked entrance to Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery

Years of neglect and vandalism have left the small area in disarray, and according to some, this has left the spirits that once rested there to wander around the cemetery and the adjacent woods.  Many of the original headstones are missing, and those that remain have been moved or knocked over.

Other headstones are hidden among the overgrown weeds.

The cemetery is rumored to have several spirits, but the most famous is known simply as the woman in white.  She has been seen sitting on an ornate stone near the entrance of the cemetery, and there is even a well published “photo” of the woman in white.  I did not see her while there.

The area where The Woman in White has been seen sitting at Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery

There are also said to be ghosts near a pond behind the cemetery.  The local legend of the pond is that it was an execution spot used by Al Capone during the 1920’s, and that Capone or one of his men would walk a marked man up to the edge of the pond, shoot them in the head, and then let them sink to the bottom.

Could the pond behind the cemetery hold the spirits of those who crossed Al Capone?

The largest monument still standing, belongs to the Fulton Family, and there seems to be some care still being applied to this large but unstable piece of rock.  It looks like someone over the years has been strengthening the base by adding rocks  to the eroding earth around the monument.

But while examining the base of the monument, I also found one other item.  A small wooden cross hidden away from the elements under the headstone.

Perhaps it was placed there to protect the Fulton Family from the spirits that haunt the cemetery.