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A is for …

So, my lovely wife and I decided to head down to Daley Plaza the other day to visit the annual Christkindlmarket.  Our biggest mistake?  Going on the Sunday before Christmas.  It was crowded.

Chicago Christkindlmarket 2013

We decided next year we will go on a Tuesday afternoon.

The market sits in the shadow of the world famous Chicago Picasso, located in Daley Plaza.  It celebrates all things German, from arts and crafts to food items like gluhwein and potato pancakes.  It also includes a very ornate nativity scene.

Chicago Christkindlmarket - Daley Plaza - 2013

Of course, the problem then is that the Daley Center is a government building, and there are those who take this whole separation of church and state thing way too seriously, and there are people who will now be offended.

Let me stop for a moment to clarify a couple things before I continue.  There are those that will accuse me of being a bleeding heart liberal, and I guess if you have read the last couple of thing I have written, it may seem as if I actually am a bleeding heart liberal. Personally, I see political affiliation like the Kinsey Scale of Human Sexuality.  On one end you have the people that are only super conservative, and at the other, those people who are completely liberal.  But most people fall in the middle somewhere, having views that are both liberal and conservative.

I was raised Roman Catholic, but me and the church had a parting of the ways some years back.  I still believe there is a god, or perhaps gods, but I do not partake in any form of organized religion at this time.  Technically, my children are Jewish, but they have had no formal Jewish upbringing.  Each year at our home, we put up a Christmas Tree.  And it is that, a Christmas Tree.  My lack of religion has not pushed me to a point that I call it a “holiday” tree.  It is a Christmas Tree.

So back to Daley Plaza.  There were no protest or perceived problems with this nativity scene place on a government plaza.  I had thought there might be a menorah somewhere in honor or Hanukkah, but if there was one, I didn’t see it.  What I also did see was any displays for Kwanzaa or Diwali.  The only hint that there was any conflict over the appearance of the nativity was this:

A is for Athist

Sponsored by the Freedom From Religion Foundation, the giant A was to represent the Atheist and Agnostics of the world who somehow fell threatened by the nativity placed on government property.  There was no backlash from the city, as they had no problem allowing the organization to put up the display, but judging by the people who stopped by the letter, most seemed to view it as a joke.  If the intent was to enlighten people, in my opinion, this display failed miserably.  Our American way of life is not threatened by Christmas.  If your organization doesn’t want to celebrate Christmas , then don’t.  But this sideshow just made you look foolish.

Most people who viewed the giant A came to the same conclusion that I did.

A is for Assholes.