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Tom 365 – February 7, 2016

  Watching the big game with the newer generation of football fans. 


Tom 365 – August 16, 2015

Last day of the Crosstown Classic. 

Cats and Dogs living in harmony. 

Tom 365 – March 25, 2015

I tried to go to work, but that didn’t work out very well. So I am back at home, staring up at the ceiling fan. 

Tom 365 – January 25, 2015


A very long weekend, and it is o-ver.

SoxFest 2015 was well attended, and it seems like the fans are very excited for this coming season.

The Jose Abreu bobble head was just a bonus.

Tom 365 – August 16, 2014


Why do I like going to baseball games.

All the interesting people you meet.

Tom 365 – May 7, 2014


CrossTown Classic continues. This time from the South Side.