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Weekly Photo Challenge: (Danger) Signs

There may have to be more than one entry this week. I have a lot of signs in my collection.

Let’s start with something simple, a danger sign:

Cliffs of Moher Sign

For anyone who has been to The Cliffs of Moher recently, you will know that to get to this sign, you first have to jump a barrier that was placed to keep you away from the edge.  Those with an adventurous spirit will find a way out to the sign, and place a sticker to indicate they were there.  On the other side of the sign, there is a drop.  A very long drop.

If you look carefully, you will see footprints in the ice and snow beyond the sign.




For more photos of Signs, please visit:




Coming Soon – A Return to Ireland

But since that is still a few months away, how about a little refresher!

Belfast with Maureen and Mark

The Giant’s Causeway

The Cliffs of Moher

Stretching my legs somewhere near Galway

A late night in Dingle

Looking West out from the Dingle Peninsula

It must be all this heat that has me thinking about our cool trip.  Can’t wait to return this December.