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Tom 365 – May 6, 2015


The men of bronze over at U.S. Cellular Field dressed up in their finest sportswear to support the other Chicago teams still playing over at the United Center. Here is Billy Pierce in his Blackhawks jersey. 

Other bronze men sported Bulls gear. 

Tom 365 – April 25, 2014


A big sports day for the City of Chicago. But I did not manage to get a single picture of any of the games. All I have to show for this day is the picture I accidentally took from inside my car.

At least I was tuned into a sports station.

Tom 365 – February 21, 2014


Tip off. Bulls vs Nuggets at the United Center.

The Cheese Stands Alone

I didn’t expect this to happen as fast as it did, but I had already anticipated it when I wrote my last entry.  The Chicago sporting world has turned on the Cubs.  As proof I present the following cartoon from the Chicago Tribune.

Please, do not send me any Sox hating messages because of this.  I am not posting this as a slap in the face towards Cubs fans, but rather to make a point about the state of sports in the city of Chicago.  As I have very openly stated in the past, both baseball teams in this city this season are on a one way ride to Stinkerville.  Both have sub 500 records, both have pitching and hitting problems, and both have superstar players with big contracts that are not living up to the expectations of their mega salaries.  The only plus the Sox seem to have right now is that they appear to be on an upward swing, winning three of their last four games, two of them against the Cubs who are falling even farther down into the cellar. 

To the dismay of many a Sox fan, Chicago has almost always been a Cubs town.  When the Tribune Company started broadcasting Cubs games over WGN in the super station format in the late 70’s, the Cubs also became America’s team as far as baseball was concerned.  The Loveable Losers as they became known, had grown a following through the 80’s that was next to none.  Then came that infamous home run chase in 1998, and the mega turnstile clicking Cubs have been a marketing Goliath ever since.  That is until now.

The Blackhawk victory in the Stanley Cup has opened up a gaping wound in what was just a picked at scab for many years in the Cubs fan base.  Even before the Blackhawks finished their final game in Philadelphia, one of my favorite sports reporters from the Chicago Sun-Time was comparing the Cubs to a fart in an elevator that nobody wanted to lay claim to.  It was in fact that article by Rick Telander that gave title to this entry, as he used the old nursery rhyme to express the current state of the Cubs organisation.  But it should not be used to express the state of the Cubs fans.  Unlike the cheesy team, the fans do not stink, but they certainly are aware of where the stench is coming from.

When the White Sox won the World Series in 2005, the Cubs fans still had a little bite to them.  After watching both the Red Sox and White Sox snap long championship droughts, they were certain that their time had come, and the team responded with back to back Division Championships in 2007 and 2008, but they were unable to win even a single playoff game those two years.  And now with a new championship team in town, the press and the fans are even more despondent about the 100 plus years without a World Series ring.  Although distracted by the Blackhawk victory for a few days, I have heard the growing grumblings from more than just a few Cubs fans.  There was very little spark in this past weekends crosstown series over at Wrigley Field, and White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle commented that the games had lost the excitement from the past few seasons. He was surprised that there were very few hecklers throwing jabs his way from the stands.  Usually he gets a double dose since his home town is St. Louis and he grew up a Cardinals fan.  The Cubs fans just seemed so defeated, and the Sox fans seemed to take pity on them.  Did Hell freeze over or something?  Or have both sides of town just found peace in their combined substandard performance this year?

In a town that was the Cubs for the taking, there is very little blue being worn around these days.  Year One has quickly turned into Year None, and the new owners of the team will be looking at a whole new market next year unless there is some sort of miracle in the stars.  If not, the Friendly Confines will be turning over some of its ticket revenue to the Madhouse on Madison in the upcoming seasons, and God only help the ballparks should the Bulls win the Lebron sweepstakes.  Because as I have said before, everyone loves a winner. 

And once the crowd has had the sweet taste of victory, those losers are just not so loveable anymore.


I so wish I had seen this yesterday.  It would have so fit in with the rest of the story.  Below is a new statue/art that has been added to the outside of Wrigley Field.  Now this piece of cheese should stand alone!