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Tom 365 – July 17, 2016

Today’s campus visit?


Tom 365 – June 30, 2016

White Sox game today. 

Jewel Osco made a nice donation to Chicago White Sox Charities. My friend Rich presented the check on the field with Robin Ventura. 

Tom 365 – June 28, 2016

It wasn’t a real exciting game, but Marty and Holly made the scoreboard. 

Tom 365 – June 24, 2016

Old people night. Watching the end of the Sox game from bed. 

Tom 365 – June 16, 2016

Our local Jewel did a nice job with their Coke display. 

Tom 365 – June 15, 2016

Finished my night with a Comiskey Burger. Now we need the Sox to finish off the Tigers for a win. 

Tom 365 – June 12, 2016

Ok, so you can’t see our faces, but you can see he is taller than me. 

Thanks for the visit, Koby. Hope to see you again real soon. 

Tom 365 – June 8, 2016

Only the second inning, and I don’t think I can watch any more of this game. I will just sit here quietly and watch my bread. 

And the knife. 

Tom 365 – May 19, 2016

No excuses tonight, people. Beautiful weather, Chris Sale pitching, and free T-shirts to the first 10,000 fans. 

Tom 365 – May 18, 2016

Two Tails of a City. 

Baseball 2016 is not going to be boring in Chicago.