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Tom 365 – November 8, 2015

They all fall down. 

Only a few leaves remain on the trees. 


Tom 365 – October 2014 Gallery

This gallery contains 31 photos.

Tom 365 – November 7, 2014


Dead Heads.

All that is left of the summer are the dead heads of the sunflowers.

At least it is sunny today.

Tom 365 – November 6, 2014


Wet, cold, windy.

Unfortunately, the weather is not the only thing crappy today.

Tom 365 – October 31, 2014


Trick or Treat!

Bring on the kids. And a little something for the moms and dads too.

Tom 365 – October 27, 2014


The wayward ball. He lost his owner for now and ended up in my front lawn. But not to worry. The kids will be back.

We All Fall Down

A few weeks ago, Maureen and I took a nice long walk into the woods.  It was actually a little deeper into the woods than we expected, and we did struggle a little getting back out.

But we took some great pictures.

Autumn Bridge

I have been meaning to post these for some time.

Bluff Road Creek

Better late than never.

Bluff Road bluff

It was another adventure.

Down the bluff

And a great walk.

Falling leaves on Bluff Road