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Tom 365 – June 20, 2016

We are just calling this The Pilsen Popsicle Monster. 

We do not know his purpose or where he came from, but he is watching over 18th Street, frozen treat in hand. 

Tom 365 – June 16, 2016

Our local Jewel did a nice job with their Coke display. 

Tom 365 – June 14, 2016


Street art in Chicago on Green Street, just South of Randolph. 

Tom 365 – May 14, 2016

A visit to an art gallery in Old Town today. Here are just a couple of the paintings I enjoyed. 

Tom 365 – May 4, 2016

Forgot to post last night. 

I took a walk out in the concourse to visit Frank Thomas. We could have used his bat in the late innings yesterday. 

Tom 365 – April 17, 2016

It’s late. I’m tired. This is the best picture I took today. 

Tom 365 – March 19, 2016

Sepia Piano

Playing with my camera today.

Black and White Piano

Same basic shot in three different color settings.

color piano

I think I found the sepia setting the most interesting.

sepia keys

What do you think?


Tom 365 – March 16, 2016

I must be getting old. I forgot to post again yesterday. 

I have spotted this winged metal man a few times on my drive home, but this was the first chance I got to take a closer look. There is no sign letting me know the name of the figure, and I had always assumed it would be the archangel Michael, but now I am not so sure. 

It is quite an interesting sculpture up close. 

Tom 365 – March 5, 2016

It has been a very full day so far. But the shinning moment has been taking Little Liberty to see Lady Liberty. 

Tom 365 – February 24, 2016


The face we all made this morning when we saw the snow falling.