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Tom 365 – December 20, 2015

Someone needs to reopen Phil’s Tavern. But they need to keep the outside exactly the way it is now. 

The Drinkingbird

We had an interesting day yesterday. As many people know, my wife and I enjoy taking adventure walks in the city. We usually start with a vague plan, and then just let the day and our feet guide us. 

The plan yesterday was haircuts and oysters. The plan quickly changed when Maureen discovered her Saturday appointment was for Sunday. And since our oyster plan was not scheduled to open until 4, we had to fill some time.

After some walking and a couple stops we found the gem of the day. The Drinkingbird.  Craft Cocktails, cheap beer, and a WLS soundtrack right off the Silver Dollar Survey circa 1975. 

I had the Tennessee Sling and Maureen enjoyed a Washington Island. Both were very tasty. 

I followed that up with a Schlitz and a shot, just a very reasonable $5. 

Unfortunately we needed to head on our way, but not before we grabbed a couple books of matches. Sure, you can’t smoke in bars anymore, but the matches were a great addition to this throwback bar. 

The rest of the night did not go nearly as well. Overpriced food in very small portions, and an accidental spot at a bar showing gay porn. 

As always, it was an adventure.