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Tom 365 – December 10, 2015

Christmas concert at the high school tonight. 

Very nice job little girl. 

Swallow Cliff

Swallow Cliff Forest Preserve

I had the day off work today and decided to go for a walk outside.  Although it is December in Chicago, the weather was fantastic and it seemed others had the same idea. I headed to Swallow Cliff Forest Preserve where there is an old closed tobogganing hill.  The hill itself is closed, but it is still a popular sight for people to get in a few steps.

Swallow Cliff Forest Preserve - Near Chicago

I arrived around one o’clock, and I was amazed at how many people were out there on a Thursday afternoon in December.  I only made one trip to the top and back down before my knee began to throb, but I was able to walk around the trails beyond the hill for a little while.

Swallow Cliff Forest Preserve

New stairs have been built on the other side of the hill, but they are not open yet, and it looks like they may be reopening the hill for sledding