Accidental Photography

Last week, as I was taking my picture for the day, I came across an underpass in the Pilsen neighborhood that I thought had an interesting dynamic.  So I took a picture.

Pilsen Underpass

I was happy with the shot and about to move on when I spotted a walker entering the cross walk.  I didn’t really have a chance to frame the picture.  I took another three quick pictures.

And then just like that, my picture was changed.

The same thing happened yesterday.  My wife and I were sitting at a table outside along Randolph Street.  We had ordered a couple cocktails to enjoy in the sun.

Randolph Street Cocktails

Just as I finished taking the picture, I noticed a bride and groom turning the corner.  Again, I was able to take three quick shots.

The middle picture was my photo for the day yesterday.

Sometimes I think I try too hard.  I take time to set up photos and frame them just right.  Very often I will take multiple photos of the same subject from different angles or slightly different framing looking for the perfect picture.

It seems that these Accidental Photos have a life that my set-up photos don’t have.  I can’t plan them.  They just exist.  If only it was possible to get this type of spontaneity in all of my photographs.


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