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Tom 365 – August 23, 2015

White Picket Fences. 

Make for good neighbors?

The Couch Trip

My wife does not share my fascination with cemeteries.  I think she finds it a little creepy.

We had not intended to visit a tomb yesterday on our city walk, but when we found ourselves in Lincoln Park, she allowed me to have my adult ADD moment and sidetrack us over to the Couch Tomb.

Long before Lincoln Park was the great lake front play land it is today, it was the Chicago City Cemetery.  After the Great Chicago Fire, due in part to health concerns, the cemetery was closed and most of the remains were moved to other locations outside of the city.  The only remaining visible plot is still located on the south end of the park.

Ira Couch Tomb

There is much debate over why the tomb was left behind.  It was either too expensive to relocate, or the family used a combination of political clout and legal maneuvers to prevent the removal of the tomb.

The Couch Tomb in Lincoln Park, Chicago

Although still slightly hidden inside Lincoln Park, the tomb is very accessible to public views, and has recently gone under renovation.

Couch Tomb in Lincoln Park, Chicago

A small reminder of the fascinating history of the city.