Escape – Not the Pina Colada Song

I was inspired by another blog, and the interpretation of the Weekly Photo Challenge Theme, Descent.  The subject matter was a series of fire escapes.  I had used fire escapes for a past challenge, Zig Zag.  But on a trip down to Joliet, I spotted these:

Fire Escapes - Joliet, Illinois

They were located off the back of the Rialto Theatre in downtown Joliet.

Fire Escapes 2 - Joliet, Illinois

I took color pictures, but think the subject plays much better in black & white.

Fire Escapes in Joliet 3

I took a number of pictures, but this one was my favorite.

Fire Escapes in Joliet 4




To see the original post that inspired me, please visit:




One response to “Escape – Not the Pina Colada Song

  1. It does work best in B/W. Fire escapes usually do. Here’s one that I did:

    I won’t mind if you edit out the link.

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