Accidental Chicago

Not all good photography is planned.  Sometime I find a real cool picture I took by accident.

Case in point.

On Sunday night, I took my daughter downtown to watch Nik Wallenda walk his wire between two skyscrapers.  I discovered it was not an easy task trying to take a picture of the event.  Let’s just say there were a lot of factors I did not anticipate, but I probably should have.  While fumbling with my camera, I heard a click.  This was the result.

Nik Wallenda wire walk, Chicago 2014

I think colors are fantastic, and it is a view of the city that is not really seen that often.  I was standing along the river at the corner of LaSalle and Wacker Drive looking east towards Marina Tower.  If you look closely, you can see the speck that is Nik Wallenda about halfway across the wire.

This accidental shot, is now one of my favorite picture of Chicago.


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