Weekly Photo Challenge: (Danger) Signs

There may have to be more than one entry this week. I have a lot of signs in my collection.

Let’s start with something simple, a danger sign:

Cliffs of Moher Sign

For anyone who has been to The Cliffs of Moher recently, you will know that to get to this sign, you first have to jump a barrier that was placed to keep you away from the edge.  Those with an adventurous spirit will find a way out to the sign, and place a sticker to indicate they were there.  On the other side of the sign, there is a drop.  A very long drop.

If you look carefully, you will see footprints in the ice and snow beyond the sign.




For more photos of Signs, please visit:




5 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: (Danger) Signs

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  2. What a great sign… underneath all those stickers! Excellent entry into this week’s challenge!

  3. Proof positive that there are idiots everywhere! It looks treacherous in the snow!

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