People in Pictures by the Lake

I admire people who can take good candid street portraits.  It is not my strong point, but I have been trying to learn.  In general, I don’t think people like the idea of a stranger taking their picture, and my own desire not to get caught limited my abilities.  This resulted in a lot of pictures of the backs of peoples heads, although sometimes you get lucky and people turn just enough to show their faces.

A Kiss by Lake Michigan

But I was really not content with just sneaking up on people, and I had to overcome the fear of being caught.

I See You

It takes a lot of patience, and a quick finger, because people who are not aware you are taking a picture will make unexpected and quick movements.


I may not be great at it yet, but I think I am getting the hang of it.

Watching the Waves


Watching Me?


Walk by the Lake




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