The Idiot Behind the Lens

Decided to take my new camera out on a test drive this afternoon.

Let me start by saying I really don’t know a lot about what makes a good camera and I am certainly not an expert.  I am a bit of an idiot behind the lens.  There wont be ant technical talk here.

There is nothing wrong with my old camera, and I will continue to use it, but the price was right on the new camera, and since it just arrived yesterday, this was the first chance I had to take a look at what it could do.  The big improvement over my other camera is a much larger manual telephoto lens.  My other camera, a Nikon Coolix, had that internal zoom thing, that really just digitally enlarged the picture, but in return you lost a lot of sharpness in the pictures.

The new camera, a FujiFilm Finepix, has and actual manual telephoto lens, so I wanted to test the capabilities of this new lens in a simple environment.  What better place than the ballpark.

U.S. Cellular Field

Sitting in the front row of the upper deck, I took a shot.  And then I started to zoom in towards center field.

U.S. Cellular Field - Zooming In

I was impressed, but I had only begun.

U.S. Cellular Field - The Scoreboard

Still looking clear from across the field.

U.S. Cellular Field - Top of the scoreboard

Test almost over.

U.S. Cellular Field -  Full Zoom

Wow. I am impressed.

Next time I will have to try it out with actual people on the field.


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