Behind Picasso


Scrolling through my phone, I often find interesting pictures I intended to post, but for some reason didn’t. This one I liked enough to post late.

I was walking around downtown and was in a bit of a crabby mood because earlier in the night I got my car stuck in a snow drift and had to call for reinforcements to help push it out.

As I approached Daley Plaza, I wanted to take a picture of the Picasso, but from an interesting or different angle.  I took this shot, but then discarded it, only looking at it in the darkness of the night.  Then while looking at it again, I realized it gave a whole new perspective on a statue I have seen hundreds of times.

From behind the Picasso, with the familiar orangutan eyes and snout hidden, the statue becomes a silhouette of a human face, with very distinct pursed lips and nose.  In fact, it looks quite similar in shape and perspective to the statues of Easter Island.

I almost deleted the unwanted picture.

I am very glad I didn’t.


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