Monthly Archives: February 2014

Tom 365 – February 19, 2014


Yep. We were at Food 4 Less.

Tom 365 – February 18, 2014


When driving around Chicago, there are some places you should not stop, and other places you should not go.

This would be one of those places.



Michael Jordan is normally frozen in time outside Gate 4 of the United Center, but after today’s storm he was frozen an snow covered.

Tom 365 – February 17, 2014


And it is back. More snow falls in the city of Chicago.

Tom 365 – February 16, 2014


The world famous Chicago Picasso in Daley Plaza. It was a cold night, but at least there was no wind.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

Almost every little girl had one.  This one belongs to my wife.

The Treasure Box

Nothing of great value, but for those little girls, every piece is a treasure.

The Treasure Revealed




To see more pictures of people’s Treasure, please visit:

Tom 365 – February 15, 2014


I usually get my wife lilies for Valentine’s Day, but this year she specifically asked for tulips. So tulips it was.

Thank you for the wonderful date last night, Babe.

Green Line


A view from the Green Line looking down Roosevelt to Lake Michigan. Meeting my Babe downtown for dinner tonight.

Tom 365 – February 14, 2014


Although it is still quite cold in Chicago, there are plenty of flowers around for Valentine’s Day.

Tom 365 – February 13, 2014


The City in Winter. Looking north towards downtown.