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Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie Part 2 (Today)

The return of Tom 365 in its original format?

Tom 365 Today

Sorry, but no. Just a current picture for this week’s photo challenge.




But to see more photos from this weeks challenge, please visit:



Tom 365 – February 8, 2014


The driveway was recovered in snow before I even finished clearing it.

Yes, those are my footprints coming back up the driveway.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

I spent a whole year doing this in 2012.  My children thought I was nuts.

This was one of my favorites.

Marilyn and Me and Mo  -  Tom 365  -  February 18, 2012

I called the project Tom 365, and I have revived it this year, only without my mug making an appearance.  Maybe I need to make another guest appearance.

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