Enough with the McRib Hate

Isn’t there enough hate in the world?

Can we please just leave the McRib alone?

Years ago it was the rumor that the McRib was actually kangaroo meat.  Then there was that story a couple years ago about the McRib containing the same chemical composition as most common yoga mats.  And now this year there is this:

Frozen McRib Meat

The picture claims to be a frozen McRib patty, and it certainly looks like a frozen McRib type patty.

This is a cooked McRib patty slathered in sauce, placed between a bun with onions and pickles:

Cooked McRib Patty

If the intent of the frozen McRib picture was to deter people from eating a McRib sandwich, it certainly didn’t work.  This particular McRib sandwich found a new home in my stomach.

Inside the McRib

Just so there is no confusion, here is what the inside of a McRib looks like, and yes, it does have a look similar to a yoga mat.  But since I have never eaten a BBQ Sauce coated yoga mat, I have no idea if the similarity stops at looks.

McRib haters be warned.  There is nothing you can say or show me that will cause me to abandon my yearly ingestion of this scrumptious little sandwich.

McRib is Back

The McRib is Back!!!

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