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Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

Some time back, there was another Weekly Photo Challenge entitled Big, and for that challenge I posted a picture of the Sears Tower in Chicago, Illinois.  If you look very closely at that photo, at the very top of the building you can spot two small glass boxes that extend out from the building.  These boxes provide a view of the world unlike any you can see by just looking out some window.  So for this weeks challenge, I have stepped into the Way Back Machine and present a view from a small glass box.

small glass box

The boxes are located on the 103rd floor as part of the Skydeck, and visitors can literally step out and hang above the city.

small glass box toes

The pretty pink toes belong to my wife, Maureen.  As you can see, the glass boxes provide a unique view straight down to the streets 103 floors below.

small glass box view

The little glass boxes give a view from above Chicago.




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