Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

I have a very simple picture for this weeks challenge.  I took the picture with my youngest daughter back in the spring.  While checking on the growth of the Daisies on the side of our house, I was startled by a duck, that suddenly took to flight, making a horrible noise as it shot straight up in the air.  When I then looked into the plants, this is what we spotted.

Duck Eggs from Spring 2012

Molly wanted to bring the eggs inside, but I convinced her that we needed to give the mama duck a chance to return to take care of the eggs, and that we had to let nature take its course.  I will save you the horror of what we found the next morning when we checked up on the eggs.  After a quick explanation about nature and survival of the fittest, I promised my daughter that if the duck returns this year, we will rescue any eggs she might leave in our bushes again.

Is it wrong that I am hoping the duck is a little smarter next year, and finds that pond on the other side of our neighborhood.



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2 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

  1. Beautiful photo for Renewal 🙂 I love to watch them hatch and grow. 😉

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